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Are you having plumbing issues and looking for a plumber in Scarborough? Well, you are in luck; for we are a household name for plumbing and gas services in greater Scarborough.

At J. Sutton Plumbing and Gas Services we have maintained a reputation as the most reputable name for household and commercial plumbing in Scarborough with a dedicated team of tradesmen that are highly skilled, licensed and experienced.

We are the best partner to work with for all your plumbing needs. Here are some of the reasons why;

We offer a 24-hour service

At J. Sutton Plumbing and Gas Services, we understand that some plumbing and gas problems will arise in the dead of night and require immediate fixing. Such scenarios are what prompted us to have 24-hour services. You should, thus, always feel free to call us when an in an emergency plumbing situation. We shall always have a tradesman ready to cater to your needs.

Our Services

We are just the partners to work with when you need;

  • Emergency or routine plumbing services
  • New Plumbing and Gas installation
  • Consultation for plumbing and gas services installation on any building
  • Installation of all types of water heating systems
  • Leak detection and repair and
  • Toilet repairs and installation
  • You Should Pick us Because

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We Enlist Professional and Experienced Plumbers

A plumber’s skill is easy to determine. Tradespeople that are skilled appropriately are licensed by relevant authorities. All the plumbers at J. Sutton Plumbing and Gas Services have been licensed with all the competent authorities and, thus, can work within Australia and all its territories.

In addition to highly skilled servicemen, we at J. Sutton Plumbing and Gas Services only carry the latest equipment to a job. This helps get the job done effectively and without much fuss.

It’s for these reasons that you should partner with us when in need of plumbing and gas services. We shall offer you all the above benefits plus some very competitive rates for any service rendered.

So call us today for your free quote! And let’s get down to work.