At J.Sutton Plumbing we can take care of all your taps and valves requirements.
We service/repair, replace and even supply new taps.

Most types of taps and valves can be repaired. From traditional cross handle taps with washers, lever taps with ceramic discs spindles, mixer taps with cartridges, thermostatic mixing valves, lever operated taps & many more.

Our current supply range includes a number of brands and is described in more detail below.

Traditional Washer Type Taps


It is always best to repair as soon as a tap starts dripping. The longer water is passing through when off, it is damaging the internal brass seat where washer seals against. If the brass seat gets too badly damaged and cannot be re-seated or ground down, then the entire tap will often need to be replaced. This can cause big problems for shower and wall tap sets. Often the tiles will need to be removed and Breech set replaced inside wall. Basin And kitchen sink mounted taps can be easily replaced as there is easy access.

Lever Type Ceramic Disc Taps

These taps are more expensive to repair than the tap washer type. When they start to leak, the entire spindle will need replacing.Often a generic or standard spindle can be used despite what brand of tapware. But sometimes will not, and if brand of tap is unknown then photos will be taken and shown to various suppliers to help identify, then parts ordered.

Mixer Taps

These taps are the most popular and common now with new installations. They require servicing now & then. Change of tap body o-rings & cartridge. Same as the lever taps, generic or standard parts can be used on most mixer taps, but sometimes only genuine parts can be used, and these will often need to be ordered in.

Generally repair of cheaper/lower end mixer taps is not feasible to do so. they are often seized and either cannot be taken apart or take a long time to do so. We only recommend repairing more expensive mixer taps where is more feasible to repair than replace.

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