Let us take care of your toilet suite requirements.
From installations to repairs, we can even supply new suites also.

We can replace the cistern only or the toilet bowl (pan) only. Or can replace the entire toilet, bowl & cistern.

We can repair & service all brands & types of cisterns. From a standard caroma cistern to a concealed/hidden in the wall type cistern. We carry most parts of internals that often need repairing or replacing, but sometimes on the upmarket European cisterns parts will need to be ordered in.

There are several different type of toilet suites available on the market:

Link Suite

These are the traditional toilets that have a flush a pipe between the bowl and the cistern. They have an adjustable set-out option that can suit most existing drain pipe distances from the wall. They are also often the most cheapest of suites.

Close Coupled Suite

This is when the cistern bolts directly onto the bowl and has a full skirt pedestal base. Can be a neater look and more common when using a porcelain cistern instead of plastic. The drain pipe set-out is not flexible and will not always be suitable for a retro-fit replacement. Better suited for a renovation or new house where the drain pipe can be set up correctly to suit.

Back To Wall Suite or Wall Faced Suite

These are growing in popularity and are a modern style of toilet suite, where the cistern bolts directly to the bowl and the bowl goes all the way back to the wall, with no gap behind. A neater and modern look that is easy to keep clean. The set-out range is flexible and can be easily retro fitted for replacements. Only problems with these suites is that the floor needs to be almost level flat. They cannot be installed/set on a lean or angle as the other suites can. More expensive to purchase than the link or close coupled suites.

Wall Hung Toilet With Concealed Cistern

These are often used in upmarket/architect designed homes. Easy to clean and have a very neat, minimalist appearance. They are the most expensive to purchase and install. Servicing & repairs will be more expensive than other suites. Future problems can arise if the cistern ever needs replacing and can’t get access. The tiled wall will need to be removed to make access to cistern.

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